Family history Alina Schiau, aka alina(lalala), is at the heart of her creative passion. Born in Romania, she was welcomed as a political refugee in Switzerland: Romanian, political refugee, she thinks only of expressing herself freely through art! Journalist, actress, graphic designer, at the end of her studies, leaves Geneva to settle in Paris.
Her many experiences in different artistic circles, allow her to develop a singular creativity, which she expresses in the visual arts .

Since 2019, she has devoted herself entirely to it.
As of 2020, she has been chosen by the online galleries Kazoart and Singulart and for the second edition of Les Nouveaux Collectionneurs. Paris

In 2021 she collaborates with the brand Fauve Beer, for the creation of two designs.
Then, MAISON CONTEMPORAIN, an online art gallery dedicated to emerging artists.
She joined the "FRONTIÈRES" GROUP SHOW, curated by Les Nouveaux Collectionneurs.Paris
Then, P]ART[AGE, a start-up for the rental of works of art, curated by Lucie Braconnier.
She exhibited at the Carrousel du Louvre international contemporary art fair.

In 2022, she is one of the artists selected by MAISON CONTEMPORAIN and PRISME EDITIONS for the "Contemporary Art & Design #2" exhibition at the Bastille Design Center. In October,as part of Breast Cancer Prevention Month, she also participates in "L'Expo to rose", part of the profits of which are donated to research.

Alina(lalala) is off to a strong start in 2023, being selected by the Solid'Art Paris artistic committee, but also for the second edition of the Epernon Arts Festival.

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