That's it!!!! We are finally there! After almost a year of closed cultural places, we will finally be able to find all these magical and essential places!

As far as I'm concerned, I'm doubly happy, triply, quadruple (in short, you get the idea) because I'm part of the beautiful group exhibition FRONTIÈRES, Les Nouveaux Collectionneurs which will take place from May 27 to June 1, 2021 at @espacevoltaire!
🎈 Conceived around works, installations and performances, the exhibition presents a broad overview of the techniques (drawing, painting, photography, engraving, etc.) used by artists to overcome conceptual and physical boundaries. As singular and autonomous as they are, the works have in common to reflect, each in their own way, the ability of artists to examine and decipher our constantly changing world.
🎈 They translate their commitments on issues related to the environment, migratory identity, views of the urban landscape or the influence of bodies. Their research refers as much to the tangible as to the intangible, treating the idea of ​​the border as a passage, a bridge separating reality from the imaginary. A possibility.
🎈 The artists: alina(lalala), Juliette Baigné, Benjamin Bēni, Marine Bonamy, Tiffany Bouelle, Marie-Edith Charni Robinne, Anne Damesin, René Derose, Valentine Esteve, Yanieb Fabre, Jareth Figueroa, Tanja Heiss , JB Joire, Brice Krummenacker, La Zer, Yann Le Coroller, Thibault Lucas, Miguel Marajo, Maurice, Hope Mokded, Emmanuel Mousset, Cléophée Moser, Rahma Naili, Ismail Odetola, Adèle Pécout, Daniela Prost, Manon Pretto, Léa Rinaldi, Léa Rivera Hadjes, Mathilde Roussillat, Jeanne Varaldi

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