When WORDS becomes SWORD.

She loves words for their meanings, calligraphy, harmonies, shapes, and transformations. The series is structured around several chapters: gazing at Her, gazing at You, gazing at Art, gazing at Us, gazing at It. These are different perspectives on Women, the Other, Art, our society, and even the planet.

And when one knows her love for irony, the reference to Zorro, the masked vigilante who signs with the tip of his sword, is not a mere coincidence.

The SWORD series addresses life and creation. They intertwine, intersect, and blend with life and death, allowing words to open a dialogue about the maladies of an entire era.

Mountains have always been an integral part of Alina(lalala)'s work, but with the SWORD series, they assert themselves with the intention of engaging in a dialogue.

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