Fascinated by duality since forever, Alina(lalala) explores the themes of modern society while reflecting on her personal history through abstract painting that is not completely abstract, and from which intensity emerges a desire for contemporaneity.
There are often multiple layers, both in terms of material, vision, and interpretation, giving her work an intellectual aspect, while also possessing a directly perceptible sensual and emotional dimension.
The disorderly aesthetics of her naive style reflects the constant duality between the creative process and the final artwork. The artwork becomes a field of oscillation where it finds its intrinsic meaning, allowing the viewer to engage in a discussion about society or simply smile.
Alina(lalala)'s paintings evoke emotion and always emanate a kind of energy that makes them accessible to anyone, like a personal diary where we can see a part of ourselves.
And like a child's game, like an additional (funny) story added to the artwork, on each piece, her daughter comes and hides her name: "Lili"...
You can find all the videos of his work process here :  VIDÉOS SECRETS DE FABRICATION

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